Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Altenew Let it Shine

Hi there and welcome to my blog,

I have been digging into the Altenew Academy classes this weekend and getting through my AECP (Altenew Educator Certification Program) course.

Today I took the "Let it Shine" classes. If you have never taken a class over at Altenew Academy I highly recommend them. This class is taught by the wonderful Carissa Wiley and explores everything that can make your card shine.

For my card project I wanted to try out the foiling part of the class. I have so many foiling supplies but rarely use them, so when I saw Carissa do some foiling on her cards without getting out her Minc/laminating machine I new I had to give it a go.

Carissa used Zig two way glue on her card. She let it dry and then added the foil to it and just like that there was shiny, beautiful foil on her card. I was super inspired by this and it made me think what else I could do with some tacky glue and foil.

I had some Thermoweb Decofoil Transfer Adhesive (you could totally use any tacky glue you have on hand) and so I decided to experiment with it. I wondered what would happen if I tried to create an "ink pad" with the transfer adhesive.  So I grabbed the closest spongy item I had (which happened to be a kitchen sponge) and squirted a decent amount of the transfer adhesive onto it. The end result was pretty good so I decided to give stamping a try. I used a stamp from my stash and "inked it up" using the sponge loaded with transfer gel, stamped it onto some normal cardstock and then let the gel dry.

The really fun part was adding the foil (I chose gold) to the stamped transfer gel image. After laying over the image I ran the piece through my diecut machine (a tip I learnt from Carissa's class, that ensures you have added a good amount of pressure to the image so that the foil sticks extra well). When I pulled the foil off I was so excited that it had actually worked.  Woowhoo!

Now that my experiment had worked I moved onto my project (I didnt want to work on a full project if my idea didnt work). So, for the card you see below I die cut a panel to be a regular card base size and added some very pale watercolouring using some watercolour pans from my stash, just addingin a random way but to the central area of the card. The next part was the best. I stamped one of the floral images from the Always & Forever stamp set from Altenew using my new "transfer gel ink pad" over the watercoloured area and then let it dry as I did with my practice piece. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing the foil "reveal" after pulling your foiled piece out of the die cutting machine. One think I did notice, is that the foiled image has a line in the middle of the foiling, which I think is due to the transfer gel spreading when stamped, Though I really like the look of it so I was happy.

To finish off the card I just added a sentiment from the Label Love stamp set from Altenew and popped it up on foam tape. I wanted to keep the sentiment super simple so I could let the foiling really SHINE!

I hope you've enjoyed spending some time with me here at my blog, and I hope that I've inspired you to create a card and/or take an Altenew class,

Have an awesome day,

Jodie xx

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Altenew For The Guys

Hi Everyone,

I have been taking more of Altenew's amazing classes this week! I'm having so much fun with these classes.

Today I made a card based on what I learnt in Altenew's "For the Guys" class.  I took this class as part of my AECP (Altenew Educator Certification Program) course.

Let me just say, this class is A-MAZ-ING! I find it SUPER hard to create unique, fun and interesting cards for men and/or boys (I am getting a little better because I now have two beautiful boys, but I still struggle).  Altenew's teachers have come up with some fabulous ideas for both boys and men.

My favourite card in the class was made my Jennifer Rzasa and was inspired by Pop Art. I like this style so much because it is so bright and colourful.  I also think you could take this idea and use it for so many different stamps in your stash and also create cards for so many different occasions and people. I don't know about you, but when I think about cards for men I immediately think of dark, more neutral colours, so this Altenew class really showed me otherwise and I'm super happy about it. I feel like I now have the tools to create more "within my style".

Sooooo.... here is my creation:

Once I saw Jennifer's video I had a look through my stamp sets and thought that the Baby Zoo set would be absolutely perfect for this technique, along with some of my favourite Altenew Inks. The colours I used for this card are: Warm Sunshine, Caramel Toffee, Ruby Red, Evergreen and Sapphire. I then mixed these with some other inks I had in my stash. I used all of these inks to do both stamping (the lion images) and ink blending.  To create a crisp line for my ink blending I used some Post-it notes to cover the areas where I didn't want colour.

The dies for the set came in handy to create a mask for each stamped lion image and really make the image stand out and produce that Pop Art Andy Warhol vibe. You could use the purpose built masking paper, or just do what I did and use Post it notes (the ones that are sticky all over). They work a treat and are a great alternative that you might have more readily available.

I couldn't resit adding a "punny" sentiment to my card, another fun idea that is talked about in the "For the Guys" class. The idea came to me when I was looking at the lion image, so I went for it and used an alphabet set to create the play on words of "mane vs main". I popped this sentiment up using foam tape as well as a Happy Birthday Sentiment from the Label Love stamp set.

I cannot wait to give this card to my husband, I think I will save it for our Wedding Anniversary (which is next month! Yay! ..... now if only I could come up with a gift idea as easily as this card. It'd be so great if there was a class on gift giving for men haha!).

I really hope that you are inspired by this card as much as I was inspired to make it, and do go over to the Altenew site and check out their classes, you really wont be disappointed. Their list of classes only keeps growing and is a great source of inspiration!

Until next time,

Have a wonderful day,

Jodie xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Altenew Easy Ink Blending Techniques

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a fabulous day! I just realised it has been a super long time since I have posted anything here on my blog.The reason.... my beautiful boys.
I had a second son in October last year and he along with his older brother have been keeping me super busy. Our youngest son has some health issues too so we have been busier than we anticipated.  Prior to giving birth I was feeling quite sick and tired and therefore didn't get any free time to be crafting let alone blogging.

Since my last post here on my blog I have actually done quite a lot of crafting, I just haven't blogged about it, instead finding only time enough to post to Instagram. I decided a few months back to streamline my Instagram accounts.
So I now have one for personal and one for my crafting. Let me just say, it took forever, and I am sure that I lost some followers along the way. I am happy with the overall result though. I couldn't figure out a transfer my crafty pictures (bummer!!) so I have re posted my favourite cards... those which I still had photos of... to my new account.

It feels so great to get back into blogging, and what better way than to start with a card share as a part of the Altenew Educator Certification Program. I forgot how much I love Altenew's classes! I really would recommend them to any card maker, no matter your level.  I found that coming back to the classes was super helpful to get out of a creative rut or just to refresh my skills and revisit some techniques I don't use often.

I took the "Easy Ink Blending Techniques" class as a refresher and had a great time.  I haven't used my distress inks in such a long time. But I took to them like two old friends meeting after a long time apart, catching up like no time had passed.

detail of ink blending on Bristol paper

I used only three colours for my ink blend, an old time favourite ink blending trio of Picked Raspberry, Squeezed Lemonade and Peacock Feathers.  I not only love these colours in their own right, but also the pretty colours they produce when blended together. The paper you use to blend on really does make a difference too. If you have never tried ink blending on Bristol paper you are missing out. Seriously, the colours blend like butter.  Seeing the colours blend before your eyes really is amazing.

detail of emboss resist and the dimension of the card

I revisited the emboss resist technique and ink blended over the top.  I forgot how amazing this technique turns out, and decided to make it the feature of the card I created. I will never tire of seeing the image "come to life" when you blend ink over the top.  Don't forget to have a dry cloth handy too, to make sure you get rid of all of the ink from the embossed area.

To finish off my card I cut out a circle from a piece of Neenah Solar white card stock than I embossed using a wood grain embossing folder from my stash.  I actually cut this panel first, before arranging my stamps for the inked panel, so that I could make sure I had the placement of the stamps just right. I added this piece on top of my ink blended panel using some foam tape.

The panel with the ink blending was pretty as is, but I decided to add further ink blended pieces to the card.  So I did the same ink blending as before, only this time I cut the images out using the coordinating dies. I adhered these in a way I liked then added a sentiment and some clear sequins. I love the Label Love stamp set to add a sentiment to a card for those occasions when you need some added colour. In this case it helped to even out my top heavy card.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my page again (or for the first time).

Hopefully I will have some more projects to post soon as I get back into the swing of blogging again.

Have an awesome day,

Jodie xx