Thursday, 1 August 2019

Altenew Celebrations: Stencil Techniques

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to/back to my blog.  I hope you have had a nice weekend and enjoying your week so far.  I had a great weekend, celebrating a birthday of a friend's son and spending some quality time as a family.  The start of this week has not been great though, my oldest son is sick :(. I hate when the kids are sick. I feel so helpless. So we have been doing a lot of T.V watching and lounging about. The only good thing about being sick is jelly beans. I used to get them every time I was sick as a kid. So I got some to share with my son. He only ate 1 and wasn't the biggest fan (so weird), so that was a win win for me. 1. He won't ask me for them again and 2. I get to eat the whole pack minus one. LOL!

Well, enough about my crappy start to the week, the reason we are here to to hear about and see the card I made for the Celebrations: Stencil Technique class at Altenew Academy.  This is the card that I have submitted for the Altenew Educator Certification Program (AECP).

This class was awesome. The teacher is Laurel Beard, and let me say, she is wonderful.  She has SOOOO much personality. I follow her on all social media platforms. She often has really funny stories over on Instagram. The way she explains things is soothing to me and I enjoy listening to her.  This class is no different. Most of the techniques that Laurel shows in this class are techniques I have done before, but the way she explains and shows them inspired me to do more stencilling on my cards. There really is so many techniques you can do with stencils.

For my card I decided to use the Kaleidoscope Stencils (both A and B) and try out/ revisit the stencil overlay technique, where you use a stencil over a background (in this case, over a stencilled background).  I used the A stencil first and did some ink blending with inks in Velvet, Crimson, Rouge and Blush. I love these colours. I have struggled to find a nice red set for layering and blending, but this set really is beautiful. I wanted to see how I could then use white ink to soften the stencilling so I used some white pigment ink through stencil B.

I was super happy with the results but I wanted to step it up a notch. Inspired by Laurel's use of embossing paste, I pulled out my glass bead glitter gel and used it through the A stencil (that I lined up with my first use of the stencil).  I will never, ever get tired of pulling up a stencil that has had any sort of paste through it. The results are super duper stunning, and the glass bead glitter gel looks more amazing as it dries, as it starts out white and dries clear. These stencils by Altenew are simply stunning. At first I thought there was only 1 way to use them but my experimenting today has shown me otherwise.

I took so much time and effort to create the beautiful background that I didn't want to cover much of it. So I decided to only add a sentiment (man this was hard to do, as I find clean and simple super hard). I used a Happy Birthday sentiment from the Birthday Builder stamp set.

I hope you like my card today and are inspired to create your own cards with stencilling techniques or perhaps you'd like to go over to Altenew Academy and take Laurel's class, you won't regret it!

Hope you have an amazing day,

Jodie xx


  1. Your card looks wonderful! I love the sparkle. Also, yay for jelly beans!! Hope your son feels better soon :)
    Thank you for entering your lovely work to the AECP assignment gallery. Well done!

  2. Beautiful work! Love the glitter and use of stencil, Jodie! The gradient makes this card a stand-out! Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!